Lycoming County SPCA Pet of the Week (5/29/17)

V97 and Lycoming County SPCA have teamed up to bring you the Pet of the Week! Every week, we'll feature a cat and a dog (and maybe some other furry friends!) that would bring joy and love into your home!

This week's cat of the week is sweet Campbell. This sweet lady loves to relax and enjoy her environment. The staff (and I) LOOOOOVE her beautiful green eyes. She's at the shelter because her owners felt they had too many animals to care for them all properly. But Campbell is absolutely worth the love! She's a sweet little lady with fantastic manners... unless you're a toy that looks like a mouse, then watch out! :P

Campbell can be a little shy when you first meet her, but if you give her a chance and are patient, she'll love you. She's in pen 23 waiting for meet and greets (and treats!)

This week's dog of the week is the vivacious Oscar. Oscar is beloved by the SPCA staff and it's easy to see why! He loves to roll around on his back and wiggle around on the floor. He recently joined their Freedom Runner program, which is where the dogs go out for car rides and long walks with the volunteers. He LOVES the car rides and enjoys sniffing everything during his walk.

You wouldn't know it now, but Oscar came from a hoarding situation, where he didn't receive much attention and had to compete for basic resources. His previous owners failed to train him, so he has a few basic obedience things to work on, but he's a smart, happy-to-please guy, so we're positive he'll pick up on your cues quickly and with lots of kisses!

He's ready for love and scritches in kennel 74.


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