Staples Center's New Rules Include No Bags And No Food At Seats

Staples Center is just days away from reopening to a limited number of basketball, hockey and music fans — but it won't be like it used to be since the venue has introduced new rules.

Staples Center is now becoming a completely cash-free venue. You'll have to buy parking in advance, then once you're at the gate, you'll show a code on your phone. Your ticket will be on your phone. You'll order food and drinks on your phone and receive a text when it's time to pick up your order at the concession stand.

Face masks will be required and there will be social distancing inside the arena. Hand sanitizers will be everywhere. People will also need to prove you've passed a recent COVID-19 test or you're fully vaccinated.

But the most controversial new rule is the ban on all bags, backpacks and purses, even clear plastic ones. None of these will be allowed. If you want to come inside the arena, you can only bring items that fit in your pocket.

Staples Center detailed the new rules in a series of tweets and the replies were not positive. People with disabilities were especially unhappy, with one replying, "Can't wait to have to contact guest services about my diabetes supplies EVERY time I want to go to a game. Your policy is not inclusive and will drive people away. Do better, it's 2021. Consult other people that can help you fix this."

Since the arena is indoors, and you won't be able to eat, the rules for exit and entry at Staples Center have changed. You can exit during a game to enjoy Chick Hearn Court, which will be an outdoor eating area featuring food trucks and other items for purchase.

Staples Center now has outdoor dining and the expanded perimeter will allow for plenty of distancing when those masks come off to eat.

Photo credit: Getty Images