Summer is winding down and fall is around the corner. That means pumpkin coffee, leaves, and cooler weather. Wouldn't the colder weather be more enjoyable with a pet to snuggle? Dogs and cats are great personal space heaters (my cat Princess can attest.)

If Bo and Tommy don't seem like a good fit, you can check out my past pets of the week or see all the available pets up for adoption at the Lycoming County SPCA.

Now let's meet our pets of the week!


Dog of the Week: Bo

6 year old, male, black and tan, Cairn Terrier/mix

Meet Bo, or Meatball as he is affectionately known. And, indeed, Bo is the most affectionate, social guy. He loves to walk, snuggle and play with his beloved squeaky toys. He needs some work on his manners, which is something the volunteers are actively working on, but he makes up for it by being so darn cute! Just look at that shaggy face. If it reminds you of Toto from the Wizard of Oz, you aren't far off. Toto also was a Cairn Terrier, like Bo.

Bo came into the shelter in January because he and his canine brother weren't seeing eye to eye. He has tried another home since, but it, too, just wasn't the best fit. Through it all, Bo has remained spunky and happy, true to his goofy self. He has a resilient attitude and a straightforward approach to life.

His ideal home would be one where someone can be with him most of the time, as he suffers from separation anxiety when left alone. He would also be best as an only pet because he wants all of your love... and doesn't particularly want to share it. He's not big into hugs and kisses, or loud, fast movements, so we recommend that he go to an adult-only home or one where the children are 16 or older.

Due to his size, Bo can be overlooked when potential adopters are touring the kennels. But we encourage you not to pass this guy by. He may be just the happy-go-lucky addition to the household that you're looking for. Bo is ready and waiting to meet his longed-for forever family in Pen 60.

P.S.-Think you saw Bo somewhere before? He was one of the Lycoming County SPCA's stars in the Little League International parade this past August in Williamsport.

Cat of the Week: Tommy

14-year-old, male, cream and brown, domestic shorthair mix

Meet Ole’ Tommy.

Boy would we sure like to get Tommy into a forever home as fast as we can. The dear guy’s one-and-only owner had to go into an assisted-care facility in May and Tommy had nowhere to go. The two had been together for Tommy’s whole life, so the poor guy was (and is) understandably confused. He misses human interaction and makes up for it by being such a sweet boy.

A new, comfortable home away from the stresses of the shelter will be just the ticket to ensure that Tommy will stay happy and healthy. Cats, especially seniors, are more likely to become depressed and sick when in a shelter environment. Since he came from a quiet, adult-only household, we think that he would probably prefer a similar one to settle into. 

If you have it in your heart and home to adopt sweet Tommy and give him a loving home for his golden years, you won’t be disappointed. He’ll fill your house with purrs, sunshine, and companionship.

Tommy is waiting for a hug and a cuddle in Pen 2.