Josh Peck Opens Up About His Sobriety: 'Bedrock Of My Life'

Photo: Getty Images

Nickelodeon star Josh Peck opened up about his “wonderful” sobriety journey during a new interview with Page Six.

According to the outlet, the Drake & Josh actor developed a drug and alcohol problem after dropping 127 pounds and subsequently entered rehab in 2008. “I’m lucky to have found recovery through a 12 steps program almost 14 years ago and it’s something that I still do regularly to this day,” shared Peck. “It gives me a lot of structure in my life. It’s really the bedrock of my life and from it, all these wonderful things have been built.”

In his memoir “Happy People Are Annoying,” the actor also spoke about his struggles with drugs and alcohol. He shared that sobriety introduced him "to a level of spirituality and how to embrace stoicism and ancient truths. It’s given me a foundation that has kept me really anchored.” In the interview, Peck also explained how his mother and his wife Paige O’Brien “make sure I don’t get out of line.” The couple is currently expecting their second child together.

You can catch the actor in the new Netflix movie 13: The Musical where he plays a Rabbi helping a congregant prepare for his bar-mitzvah.

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