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Before Wrestlings BIGGEST Event of All-Time I Spoke with AEW’s Adam Cole

I recently chatted with AEW's ADAM COLE before wrestling's biggest event of all-time, AEW ALL IN: LONDON.

All-Elite Wrestling will be airing this first time special this Saturday beginning at 1:00ET on PPV. Up to date, they have sold approximately 90,000 tickets to the event.

While talking with Adam Cole (✌🏽BayBay✌🏽) I asked him about:

• Headlining the biggest PPV of all-time.

• The business decision behind having the headliners of the event wrestle for free before the PPV officially begins.

• "Switching a flip" from fun vignettes to intense in-ring promos.

• Biggest difference between fans in NYC & London.

• AEW Grand Slam coming back to Arthur Ashe Stadium September 20th.

• Staying loose between matches that'll be 4-5 hours apart & more!

I had audio difficulties seconds before the meeting started so my apologies for the quality of my mic... or lack their of.

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