Lee Brice Talks Having Most Added Song To Radio with One Of Them Girls

In the latest episode of Pop Culture Weekly, Kyle McMahon talks with Lee Brice about having the #1 most added song to radio with his new hit One Of Them Girls

It's a good time to be Lee Brice. Last summer, the country superstar hit #1 with his mega-hit Rumor. Just this week, his duet with Carly Pearce, I Hope You're Happy Now enters the Top 10, while his new solo single One Of Them Girls becomes the most added song to radio. The singer / songwriter / producer began his career in 2007, penning hits for such acts as Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. By 2010 his first album Love Like Crazy was released to great success and the rest is history.

I sat down with Brice once again, this time to discuss the whirlwind that is currently his life. When asked about how One Of Them Girls came about, the jovial Brice said, "We had three songs picked to be the first single. The night before we had that session (to record) I got a wild hair and said 'Man I feel like writing tonight.' So I called up two of my buddies. Said 'Y'all want to write?' So, we started writing at like 10:30pm. By 4am we had written One Of Them Girls and by 9am I was in the studio....It was one of those random things. It doesn't happen very often where you write a song, you record it five hours later and it becomes your first single."

One of Them Girls serves as the lead single off of his upcoming 5th album which will debut this fall. He's currently writing and recording furiously to hit a mid May deadline. Brice says, "The rest of the stuff we have on this record...We're really excited...I'm so happy to say that this record probably overall is a little more country. Like straight up, stone cold country....That's just my people. That's the people that come to my shows and that's the stuff I want to be able to play for them, not just live but on the radio."

You can watch my full interview with Lee Brice in the video above or listen to it on my show Pop Culture Weekly. Check out the Lee Brice website for all of the latest news.

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