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Diane Lane & Michael Gandolfini Talk Apple TV+ Series Extrapolations

Diane Lane & Michael Gandolfini talk Apple TV+ Extrapolations

Diane Lane & Michael Gandolfini Talk Apple TV+ Series ExtrapolationsPhoto: Apple TV+ / Kyle McMahon Media

I spoke with the cast of the Apple TV+ limited series Extrapolations (check out my interview with Daveed Diggs here) about the new ecological series. The show features an ensemble cast of incredible talent who portray various characters around the world dealing with the effects of climate change both in the near term and then extrapolated further into the future.

The latest episode, titled 2059: The Face of God, features the incredible Diane Lane and Michael Gandolfini, who star in a tale of eco-terrorism. Cherry Jones (listen to my interview with Cherry here) plays the President of the United States.

Extrapolations, an Apple TV+ Original Series

Photo: Apple TV+

In our interview on Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon, I asked Diane what she thought of playing such a complex character who faces some interesting - and potentially life altering - choices.

Here's what she said:

Well, I liked the fact that my character has a sort of moral dilemma. And she wants to be in service to what she believes is the greater good. But things are revealed as she goes along. So we sort of see her earlier in the story. And then I guess maybe several years later within the same story, we see her trajectory of her line of work and her involvement.
We get to understand more about technology and the corporations that are in control of so many access points to what we've become dependent upon. And I think that that is an interesting parallel that Scott Burns is very gifted at paralleling our current experience and extrapolating on where we're headed based on trajectories thathave already been seen in our rear view mirror.
We can sort of tell the world we're on, right? Interesting.

Extrapolations is one of the best new series released this year and it's definitely one that will make you think. The Apple TV+ limited series can be watched exclusively on Apple TV+. Get your subscription here.

Then check out my full interview with Extrapolations stars Diane Lane and Michael Gandolfini on the latest episode of Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon.


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