Tanya Rad Accidentally Sent Her Parents Lingerie & the Story Is Hilarious

Tanya Rad accidentally sent her parents her lingerie order and the story is hilarious. Tanya shared with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie that she uses her parents’ home address for her billing since she rents in Los Angeles and while she usually always changes the shipping, this time she forgot.

“It happened to be my mom’s birthday on Monday so she thought I sent a package to her but it just had my name on it,” Tanya explained. “I ordered this lingerie like awhile ago and I never got it but I didn’t think too much of it and I’m talking to my dad and … my dad goes ‘She thought you sent her a birthday gift from Victoria’s Secret’ … so she opens the box and she pulls out this lingerie and she thinks ‘Hmm this is a strange gift,’” Tanya hilariously shared, trying not to cry tears. “So she tries to put it over her head - she tried - it didn’t fit.”

The best part?

Socrates' reaction to the whole debacle. 

Listen back to the LOL-worthy story above to find out his response and for a laugh.